Tutorials on Making Resin (Green Hand Must See)

    Spread a newspaper on the desktop to prevent leak glue,(protect the desktop),  place material bag in the rubber pad on the newspaper. First, take out dry and wet paper towels (if glue leaks during, wipe them immediately and throw them into the trash can), put on a mask, finger covers or gloves, and put on an apron to prevent leaking glue. (Note: do not touch your face, hair, eyes or mouth during operation. Do not smell the glue, ventilating the environment ) Take out A.B glue, measuring cup, disposable mixing cup, wooden stick, the mold you need, color essence, pearlescent powder, spoon (use forpearlescent powder), dried flowers, tweezers to clamp small dried flowers and other small tools needed for production.



    A.B mixture ratio of 3:1. Stir thoroughly for 5 minutes. (If the mixing proportion is not correct or the mixing time is less than 5 minutes, the glue will not be formed and the film can not be removed).



    Use Bookmark mold an example, according to the experience, a total of 12ml of glue is needed, base on the 3:1 rule, pour 9ml of A glue and 3ml of B glue by a measuring cup, and stir with sticks about 5 minutes until the liquid turn absolute clean.



    Pick a essence color, drop into the resin liquid, (Drip small amounts and keep stirring until it stop turning deeper to decide whether or not to add another drip.) You can also add pearl powder for different style.



    Pour the prepared glue into the mold slowly and pour it to the flat position of the mold edge,(too much will case a overflow)do not move it or it gets leak real easy. Now You have down most of the part, let it rest for 24 hoursto get fully cured.



    Try to demold your resin product with respect, observe the resin’s status, see if it get dried properly or you could let rest for longer(up to room temp). It fail If the resin do not meet the requirement to demold or the resin is still flowing after 48 hours.


     Treatment method for failure of film removal :1. Pour the failure liquid into the trash can. 2. Wipe the mold with a paper towel or alcohol dipped cotton. If there is any leftover, fill the mold with water, then cover with plastic film or plastic bag and freeze it in the refrigerator. Form ice cube should be threw into trash can.(Don’t just left them on kitchen sink)


    Check out any extra or uneven edge of your product. You can use black abrasive paper to polish until the shape satisfied you. A polish tool (one side green one side white): use green for eliminating scratches or slight uneven part; White side for final polishing to gain gloss. Till here the work is almost finished. The rest will be your creativity, for example you can choose what to attach on your product. Anyway Resin is a work that need quite a bit of patients, so don’t give up in first round, you can find more info and experiences share on our blog weekly !