How to Make Resin Jewelry Without Molds

When making resin accessories, we usually use resin molds to get the shape and color we want for our accessories. You must ask, can I make accessories at home without molds? Of course you can. And how do you do it? You can make resin jewelry by using jewelry bezels or bezel blanks. Jewelry blanks refer to the metal parts that you use when making jewelry. They come in different shapes and styles and do not need to be removed after pouring into the resin to cure, so it is easy and convenient to operate. Next, let's further discuss how to go about making them.

-Preliminary Preparation

Here is what you will need to make resin jewelry without molds:

  • Resin and jewelry bezels
  • Supplies and embellishments like candy, feathers, flowers, etc
  • Safety goggles and plastic gloves
  • Respirator
  • Stirring sticks
  • Mixing and measuring jug or cups
  • Wax paper or a garbage bag
  • Resin colors (optional)

It is worth noting that you need to spend 24 hours to cure the resin.

-Operation Steps

Step 1: Prepare your work area and everything you need.

Before you start making, you need to have everything ready. First, you need to operate in a well-ventilated area and make sure there is enough space for you to place the various supplies. This will allow you to be more efficient. Since the dripping resin is not easy to clean up, you can use a silicone mat, plastic wrap or something similar to lay underneath. You may choose to protect yourself by wearing goggles and plastic or rubber gloves. In addition to the resin and bezel, you will need stirring sticks and mixing cups to successfully make your resin ornaments.

Step 2: Collect your supplies.

Because you don't want to use a mold to make the ornament, you can use the same supplies and decorations as the resin mold. You can then put in feathers, flowers, charms, beads, glitter, stickers, etc. One thing to remember is to dry everything before you put it all in the resin.

Step 3: Prepare your bezels and embellishments.

Before mixing and pouring the resin, make sure you have everything trimmed and sealed so that it does not gel before adding all of your decorative items. In addition, cutting everything helps ensure your design fits well into your bezel. Most of the bezels are empty and open-ended; therefore, you need to put something on the back so that the resin does not spill on the other side.

Before adding the resin, you have to press the bezel firmly onto the sticky side of the masking tape first. Then, once the resin cures, you can peel off the tape. You do not need to do so with closed-back ones as the resin is in the back of the cup while it cures.

Step 4: Mix the resin.

You should let the resin harden slightly in a bowl of hot water to make mixing easier and avoid bubbles. Read and follow the instructions on the bottle carefully before mixing the resin. You only need to mix the resin you are going to use, as the resin cannot remain liquid for long.

Step 5: Pour, pop, and cure your resin.

Pour the resin mixture into your bezels. This operation needs to be done slowly to prevent air bubbles. Then, it would help if you put your embellishments on the first layer of resin. After that, add a bit more resin, and do not stop until you have all of your layers complete.

Generally, it will take about 24 hours for your resin to cure; therefore, it is worth placing your jewelry in a place where it will remain covered. Another option is to place resin under a UV Flashlight to cure it in seconds instead of hours!

Once you have completed these steps, you can polish the jewelry you have made.