How To Make Ocean In a Light Bulb

Today we are going to show you how to make a ocean scene in a Light Bulb.

It is a tutorial from famous Youtube Channal <Jedrek29t>

1. Open a Light Bulb with your Pen Knife

2.Use a Twezzer to break the inner parts and pull it out. 

3.Mix 10 : 10 g Resin and sterr it in one direction.

4. Place Light Blub in a angle by using clay to stablize it.

5. Use these common sand for building the base of the scene.

6. Spoon by Spoon to add the sand into Resin liquid. It was 2 Spoon that used( you can decide your volume by condition)

7.Mix them well and let it disolve the bubbles.

8. Let it rest to disolve bubbles.

9. Use a wood stick to transport the Sand Resin.

10. Change the angle for a bit so the Resin Liquid won't fallen by gravity.

11. Use a little bowl for extra adding ( just in case )

12. Then Place the stone decoration, don't forget to apply small portion of resin on the Rock so it stay stable.

13. Use UV resin to stable it in a certain angle.

14. Use green fiber to mix with resin for moss ground.

15. Buy some small Light house ornaments and paint them with color.

16. Place them on the right position.

17. Now mix the resin with blue ink to make the ocean water.

18. Once the ocean water cured, Use a little brush to create sea wave(uv resin)

19. It turns out to be like this and it gets transparent after the dispousing of UV light.

20. That will be your finished product !

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