How to make a Animal Puzzle Resin Toy

Make your own puzzle toys now! We provide molds for 4 kinds of puzzles: dinosaur, giraffe, crocodile and turtle, Enjoy!

Step 1 : Use neddle syringe to create Tooth.(load with white color resin)


Step 2: Load color resin with syringe to form up the body. You may add up different powders to create more style.

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Step 3: Gentlely pour the white resin to for a nice base.(Transparent resin would be fine too)

Wait till the color layer cured !

Otherwise, all the color will mix together and you may see a strange effect on the other side of the Puzzles.


Giraffe style looks friendly to childrens. Perfect gift for your childrens' birthday.

Step 4: Wait patiently until it is cured, Demold them gentlely. You can also use this demold tools for polishing unwanted edge.

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Animal Puzzle Toy Silicone Resin Molds *4Pcs