How to Eliminate bubbles in Resin Making

Bubbles problem must annoyed many Resin Diy lover and may push them off this field as they found hard on searching solutions. That’s why we decide to organize the solutions online and share with you guys of How To eliminate bubbles.

Well, We have seen special ways which may seen crazy and unfit to our topic today but we still decide to put it on here(just for fun lol)


Electric Heating Pad

The pad is use to keep the water of cup warming. Mix up your resin solution and carefully sterr it until lotion gets clean , then put it on the pad. Don’t worry about the plastic cup, pad’s temperature won’t go up more than it’s melting point. Rest it about 15 minutes, the bubbles will go away. (Time Varies from surronding temperature and humidity.)


Flame gun:

This method suits the flate type of pad, slightly attach the flame with the bubbles area, do not stay too long. Switch zone back and forth to prevent mold gets burn. It result faster than all 5 ways and do well particularly on the Resin Surface.



Hot Bath:

Take them to a hot bath would be a accesible and safe way. After mixing and sterring the resin solution, pick up two cup, one fill with 50 degree of water(approximately), then place the cup fill with resin inside of the other one. Wait for about 13-15 minutes to get rid of bubbles. Don't forget to sterr gently in one direction before you use.



To conclude, the bubbles are eliminate base on heating the solution. As the resin solution get heated, bubbles will be squiz out to the air, which leaves a clear solution for a better display effect on Resin Product Making. Ways are varies but obey the same physic rules. Try different ways to eliminate the bubbles and let us know if you have find any method interesting.